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After so many years, still no .NET Native nor proper UWP support for F# (github.com)
1 point by TensorMetric 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

See also comments here https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2017/07/24/get-start...

> There is no timeline for F# support on UWP. If you must use UWP for your workplace, then F# is not an option for you. We make no such claim that you can do this, though. If there is such a statement somewhere, please do let me know. I do not wish to mislead anyone.

>This is an interesting point:

>> Full tooling support, every single feature as VB.NET and C# have on Visual Studio.

> Is it your expectation that every programming language be supported across everything you can use in Visual Studio?

>> As for .NET Core, most of us on the enterprise hardly care about .NET Core beyond UWP, until it gets feature parity with .NET Framework.

> I will challenge this position. Perhaps you’ve not seen .NET Core in your organization, but we’ve seen strong adoption and significant interest in the enterprise for .NET Core. And this also goes beyond Visual Studio tooling. Many enterprises have developer who wish to program on macOS and deploy to Linux machines. We’ve made that a priority for .NET Core, and F# is every bit as capable as C# on that front. This has also been a significant area of growth for C#, F#, and .NET as a whole.

And here


> No further news or updates on F# Support for .NET Native. There is no affinity between .NET Native, .NET Core, or VS 2017. It's an orthogonal area.

> There are three options:

> Use UWP Bridge

> Deploy elsewhere than the Windows Store

> Use Fable + React Native

Come on Microsoft, this is unacceptable, you're driving valuable programmers away from your platform.

F# is a mature fully .NET compliant Microsoft language, it should be expected and a high priority to get the .NET Native UWP (your main platform) to accept F# code.

Most people I know invested in F# with the expectation to target Windows without fuss and workarounds. And no, UWP Bridge and Fable + React Native are not acceptable solutions.

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