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Hokkaido characters (wikipedia.org)
57 points by benbreen on Aug 13, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Not sure why but there seems to be a lot of fake "old" writing systems claimed by the Japanese.


There is this thing, which seems to be heavily inspired by the Korean writing system (just look at it!), but there is no evidence that it was used in the "old days".

And then there is the crazies in Japan who say this is evidence for some sort of lost civilization in Japan like Atlantis.

So if I understand the wikipedia artcle about Hokkaido characters, they are not out-and-out fakes, the seem really to have been used by Ainu people, or by other who lived in the same area. But that there is argument about who used them, when and what the inscriptoins mean. Also suspiciously little info on the wiki page about how old the artificats are.

The ainu where law-suited out of existence by PETA for Iomante?

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