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>This whole thing is a bit surprisingly to me since it seems like Elon covered his bases with the separate property agreement.

This agreement was put in place after they were already married, right? That's what this case is basically about: determining if an agreement made in such a manner is valid.

The article suggests that the document was negotiated over a 3.5-month period, with the wedding occurring part-way through it. It's not unreasonable to claim that both parties went to the altar with a basic idea of what was going to be in the final draft.

Perhaps, but it's a different legal situation (at least at present) and plus we're getting Elon's side of the story now. We may be tempted to pick his side because he makes cool things but that doesn't make what he says true.

Which is why, honestly, outsiders should know as little as possible about these situations. We can't know what actually happens so why do we want to be in a situation to demonize one person and feel sorry for another based on this lack of information?

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