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(I work at OpenAI.)

We'll have another blog post coming in the next few days. But as a sneak peek: we use self-play to learn everything that depends on an interaction with the opponent. Didn't need to with those that don't (e.g. fixed item builds, separately learned creep block).

So it's not exclusively unsupervised self-play? This contradicts how it was portrayed during the game/afterwards.

See the opening video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiOopO9jTZw&t=268), where I mention that we "coach" it on what we think is good and bad. All the heavy lifting is self-play (which I would characterize as supervised).

That's good to hear.

There's probably a huge disconnect between what an AI engineer entails with a certain word and what the layman then comprehends. At the same time, I think we (nadota) probably latched onto certain words and downplayed the ones that would make it more impressive to us. Just a result of itching for information without there being much out there.

Really cool work, really glad you're doing it in dota, and eagerly awaiting your blog post.

https://blog.openai.com/more-on-dota-2 A new blog is already here.

Can you give us a sneak peak of OpenAI's approach to 5v5 Dota? :D

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