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The developer [odilitime] is posting in this thread, but all their posts have been killed by down voting. Turn on 'show dead posts' and you'll see that they are all reasonable.

HN becoming is an echo chamber where posting while green will get you deleted for no real reason, as I've said in the past.



> ...but all their posts have been killed by down voting.

That's not what happened here. Those comments were killed by anti-abuse software that's particularly sensitive to new accounts. When false positives like that happen, we rely on the community to vouch for them (you have to click on the timestamp of the comment to go to the comment page and then click 'vouch') or email us at hn@ycombinator.com so we can be sure to see them.

We've unkilled these and marked the account so this shouldn't happen again.

Ah, thank you for your quick resolution.

Don't dead comments usually have a "vouch" link? I don't see any on his comments.

Might be because I'm a new account. Not quite sure how things work.

Since it took me a minute to figure it out (being new), you can turn on that option by clicking on your username on the top right. (I expected it to be a thread option)

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