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> In the face of recent changes in Firefox

I must have missed something. What recent changes?

Probably referring to the move to web extensions. Borrowing from TylerDMozilla [1]:

"The current way add-ons are developed gives add-ons complete control over almost anything in the browser. This makes for very powerful add-ons, but add-ons can also do really bad things (accidentally or on purpose) and we can't make major changes to the browser without breaking all sorts of add-ons (which makes people sad).

Web Extensions is a sort of building block set. It means add-ons can't touch anything in the browser, but can only play with the blocks we provide. We can make all sorts of blocks of different shapes, but it will never be as powerful as the old system of add-ons (where developers could play with anything in the house). However, this lets us do major changes to Firefox without having to worry about breaking add-ons (since we know what the blocks are), and keeps add-ons from doing bad things (accidentally or on purpose)"

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/firefox/comments/6cw7ig/why_is_fire...

So safer for the end user, better for the Mozilla developers but not so powerful for the 3rd party developers.

4chan is really upset at how this will affect the current wealth of privacy addons

I would just like to point out that I have used numerous privacy extensions for firefox ever since I started using it. I've happily found WebExtensions replacements for all of them except for HTTPS Everywhere, which AFAIK is developing a WE replacement.

For me, the WebExtension transition isn't all doom and gloom. But I can't assume everyone uses the same addons as me. The transition to WebExtensions is nearing and a lot of extensions people use just don't have a viable replacement.

Had you used Self-Destructing Cookies and if yes - have you, by chance, found any replacement?

I only know about Cookie AutoDelete, and it's great that it exists but, sadly, it's not yet mature enough - mostly because WE APIs are lacking. For example, there is no localStorage support, and there are bugs like https://github.com/mrdokenny/Cookie-AutoDelete/issues/83

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