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I think the title is a bit misleading. Nowhere on the linked page does it actually say "anonymous" other than that several people on 4chan's /g/ board who don't use names/tripcodes/whatever-the-term-is - "anons" - asked about it.

That being said, a full browser from scratch is a pretty cool idea. I don't think that it'll get to the point where I'd be fully able to replace my "normal" browser with it, but really cool nonetheless.

Title is definitely misleading. Nor do I think the project will stay under the netrunner name as there's a distro with the same name.

The goal now isn't a browser but a framework that is easily modified, well documented and can be embedded in other projects.

We realize how much work a real browser is but if you look at the source of WebKit, blink or servo, it's a huge mess. We're trying to be low dependency and multiple interface, perfect for scripting.

Our web page targets are simple just 4chan/g and stackoverflow. But we also have plans where this framework can also be used for document viewing and editing.

I'm thinking of the project as more of an electron replacement. But we'll see where the future takes us.

Tabbed browsing by the end of this month is on track.

I am not sure why you feel Servo is a huge mess. I have worked on all of Gecko, WebKit, Blink, Servo, and Servo is distinctly cleaner. (I think it's mostly because it's newer.) I guess it is still huge.

We've updated the title from “NetRunner: a web browser for anonymous” to one derived from a representative phrase from the article, but we can change it again if someone suggests a better one.

> I'm thinking of the project as more of an electron replacement.

I'd love to see that. I think an Electron replacement would be really good.

For the record, posts saying "title is bad" are very confusing if they don't include a copy of the title they're criticising. Later, when the title is changed to something better, they make no sense at all, and it people waste time trying to figure it what the post is talking about.

Currently, the word "anonymous" is not part of the title. I guess it was at some point. I don't know.

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