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Ask HN: Where Should I Move To?
3 points by alansmitheebk 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
I'm a native of New York State an have lived in Brooklyn and worked in Manhattan for the past 19 years. I bought a tiny starter studio apartment in a then "up-and-coming" neighborhood about 17 years ago and now have about $400K in equity.

I'm tired of NY. I hate winter. Summer is my favorite time of year, but summer in NY goes by quickly. It's also disgustingly humid. I have to take a train to go to the beaches, which have cold opaque greasy water.

I think I'd love southern California, maybe San Diego. But California is expensive and most of the good tech jobs are in the northern part of the state. I have no interest in norcal. It's insanely expensive and boring.

I have family in Florida and it's much cheaper there. Maybe Tampa? St. Pete's? Miami? (that would probably be really expensive though).

Basically I want to live somewhere with a warm non-humid climate, beaches, lots of good skateboarding and skateparks and cool people (i.e. not red-necks, Trump supporters, etc.)

Any suggestions? BTW, I'm a JS dev, so I'd be looking for front-end web dev work.

I realize that this is slightly off-topic but HN is the smartest community I know so hopefully someone will have a great idea.

Florida tends to be horribly humid. I blackout and faint in the summer heat there, and I grew up in Georgia.

You might look into Corpus Christi or some other part of Texas. Corpus Christi is incredibly windy, which keeps the humidity down. That part of the Gulf Coast is surprisingly temperate year round.


I have lived in San Diego. You might look up the term "June Gloom" (a weather phenomenon there) before getting too excited about the place. Also, though there are things I love about California, one of its seasons is Fire Season, a less than appealing detail of the hot, very dry weather of some parts of the state.

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