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NoMansSky: Update 1.3, Atlas Rises (nomanssky.com)
74 points by based2 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 24 comments

After being massively in love with the original game (first Steam game I get 100% achievements), I just started a new save. So far it feels mostly the same amazing and self-guided experience, just a bit deeper, so I'm not people who hated it at launch will change their minds now.

I hope the current coop "lite" gives way to true synchronous coop. If that happens, I think I might never play another game, ever. ;)

The game is very substantially changed since release. Indeed each revision of the last few months has invalidated more of the information you'll find in online game guides from commercial sources, and with this update I'd say most of them are either entirely irrelevant or downright misleading.

No Man's Sky is now in a sort of no-man's-land between "interesting tech demo" and "full blown video game". This new update has many new features but also myriad new bugs. It's clearly still a work in progress.

What's interesting, and unusual, is that developer has continued to work, as though the first release was really more the start of an "early access" series. Hard to believe they've made significant money from the drip of sales since.

It appears that they used the massive influx of capital they got from the hype pre-launch to continue building their vision that was entirely too big to deliver in any timely manner. They might be able to turn this around riding that into something that generates enough interest to continue to make plenty.

Putting it on sale on steam has it back at the top, which is actually kind of incredible considering the launch outrage.

The hype wasn't for nothing, people are craving the kind of game that was described before this launched. This is potentially Minecraft all over again.

After the massive faux-pas with release I see huge potential in this game although I never played it..

> Glitches allow travelers to explore the universe together

So it's actually going to have multiplayer? Actually what does this even mean?

No -- it's just communication and basic "hey, there is another person here with you." You still have separate worlds with separate elements and separate buildings. It's just letting you communicate.

from the patch notes it says they are the first steps to accomplish that.

I so do not envy the engineer who is pressured into hooking what is essentially two procedural generators, with the possibility for a alteration overlay together. If one mad guy alters a whole solar system into planet lava smileys..., how do you pack and transfer that information history on top of that, in real time...

This does work in Astroneer, but it was presumably designed for multiplayer from the beginning.

Why not just have one procedural generator for both players and send changes to and from a server where they both pull from?

The story goes something like this- they in fact have the same procedural generator. Both work upon the same key- thus mountains and everything is in the same place, provided they use the same hardware or the code is protected against floating point deviations.

The problem is- where do you begin and end with that? If a player can modify a world, basically, every change has to be distributed.. you have a sort of highres minecraft on your hands. Without originally being intended to be this. How do you sync it, if multiple players join and merge a universe?

I would have thought something along the lines of an acyclic graph ala git.

I only started playing it last night for the first time. Really awesome game and I'm having a blast.

The portal system looks an awful lot like Stargates. I traded in my copy though, I don't know if it's worth getting again for this?

They need an Obelisk Gate.

This might be a weird question, but does anyone know if the GOG version of the game has proper Steam Controller support yet?

I play the GOG version with steam controller, but I'm a bit of an edge case. I play on linux, installed the GOG version through PlayOnLinux (thus playing it through wine), and I made a launcher in steam so that I can use the steam controller with it (anything you create a launcher for, even an emulator or nethack, gets steam controller support for free). Even if you're not on linux, you can do the same : just create a launcher ("add non steam game") to launch the GOG game.

Even then, though, it does not qualify as "proper support" if this means "native support". It's just like using steam controller for any game that has no controller support : you configure it to emulate keyboard and mouse (but it's still a good experience for NMS, once done).

Yea, I know you can configure it, but by "proper", I mean that it is automatically configured, and that the buttons can automatically change their action depending on the context. I believe it works this way in the Steam version of the game, but when I tried a few months back, it didn't work that way in the GOG version.

60% off

For reference, the sale is not on the "official" buy now link - its at GOG & Steam, making the game $23.99:



Wait, how did this threat get flagged?

I'm not sure why users flagged this, but we've turned them off for now.

And, is there a way to unflag it? Makes no sense...

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