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Can't say I appreciate the click bait headline but I do think this is a nice summary of the situation. It attempts to account for both sides as the author says:

> Picture yourself in a hostile male-dominated environment, getting interrupted at meetings, being ignored, having your abilities doubted, and along comes some guy arguing that women are on average less status hungry and more vulnerable to stress. Of course you’d object.

while also trying to properly represent Damore's argument; something that many news outlets, Brown, Wojcicki, and Pichai all fail to do.

The author concludes that Pichai lacks leadership because he, perhaps purposely, misrepresented Damore's memo and has been unsuccessful in diffusing the situation.

Can you imagine what the headline of this article would be if he supported the talking points in the memo? Or if he did nothing?

The headline of the article would still be "Sundar Pichai Should Resign as Google's CEO".

How about we leave the vapid wannabe "thought experiments" for dessert? After dealing with what actually is on the plate?

If there is one thing that the memo managed to do, is making everybody show their true colors.

This is silly. I don't think Pichai can afford to let every manifesto broadcast in his company be a teachable moment.

It was posted to an internal group dealing with diversity. I find it fascinating that people who think they are refuting critics here always start with distortions. And calling it a "manifesto" is just getting high on mob supply. So in a way, you're doing what is described in the article:

> She didn’t wrestle with any of the evidence behind Damore’s memo. She just wrote his views “advanced incorrect assumptions about gender.” This is ideology obliterating reason.

Just lie and close the case, as if that said anything about the case and nothing about you.

Someone mentioned that this had already been posted and flagged. I responded to that but couldn't because this one was flagged for a moment, too. Yesterday, this had 156 and 101 comments points after 4 hours, and had been sunk like a brick to place 46 on page two:


As I said before, this is the main hard data about this so far, distortions and censorship are cut from the same cloth. It reminds me a bit of the Appelbaum thing, that was a very shameful display as well. And I was right in my predictions then, sadly -- if you allow this sociopathy while paying lip service to be against sociopathy today in context of someone who might actually have done some bad things, tomorrow it will be completely innocent people. This is where we are at now, and all you're doing is proving it further.

Already flagged, the title is a troll, and the article isn't very good either.


I am not going read this. Let the bikeshedders bike shed. People who solve problems aren't these people.

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