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The Strange, Sad Story of Joe Orton, His Lover, and 72 Stolen Library Books (atlasobscura.com)
47 points by pepys 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

It mentions that they also had thousands of stolen pictures, and used stolen pictures for doctoring the library books.

The article concentrates almost exclusively on the library prank/crime. I'd like to know more about those photos, such as where they were stealing them from.

You can see some of the covers here: http://www.joeorton.org/Pages/Joe_Orton_Gallery13.html

I have to agree with the magistrate. They had no right to deface or vandalise these books.

It's interesting in the way this was basically the same sort of absurdist humor as in various Photoshop manipulations of today, but then they had to actually do it manually.

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