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Women swept nearly every category at the 2017 Hugo Awards (theverge.com)
41 points by Tomte 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

After their no platforming last year, do they still have any credibility left ?

The nasty reveal of hidden politics on the right and the left in gaming the system was a rude wake up call to me.

I find Amazon best sellers list give me better recommendations than nonsense like Hugo's Chuck Tingle.

It's great to see. One of my favorite authors of all time is a woman, Julian May. Isn't it funny that in a genre that so many equate with neckbeards is turning out to be the opposite of this perception.

True hackers simply care about code and true readers care about words. Take the authors name away and it is not always obvious who wrote.

I was a bit surprised that Jemisin got her second Hugo in a row. I liked the Obelisk Gate, eager for the third one but then there are other great ones on that shortlist - Becky Chambers made me chuckle more than I can remember.

Still two in a row for the same person isn't that proof for a lack of diversity? /s <-- sadly needed these days 8-/

Ha. That's funny.

Julian May spun one of the best fantasy/sci-fi series I've ever read, beginning with The Many Coloured Land.

The figure-eight timeline of that story is completely unique as far as I know.

I haven't read that novel, but there's another interesting timeline in this series of short stories: https://qntm.org/destroyed

> Isn't it funny that in a genre that so many equate with neckbeards is turning out to be the opposite of this perception.

It's by design. Award shows are highly politicized and so is the publishing industry. They always have been.

If you want to get published, use a woman's name or an "ethnic" name because that's what the publishing industry wants.

There was the famous case a few years ago of Yi-Fen-Chou. Where a white man couldn't find a publisher for his literary works until he changed the author's name from Michael Derrick Hudson to Yi-Fen-Chou. And magically, his poem was selected for the "Best American Poems of 2015" anthology.


It's weird how society veers from one extreme to another. In the past, women and minorities changed/altered their names to make it sound more male/white. JK Rowling herself said that she used JK Rowling instead of Joanne Rowling because a woman's name would hurt her chances with publishers and audiences. Now, having a woman's name is a help rather than a hindrance.

I don't think there's any evidence that any of your claims are true.

Without getting into the whole Puppies controversy, I'll say that last night's Hugo Awards ceremony was one of the nicest and classiest presentations I've seen in many years of attending Worldcons. I was delighted to see such a diverse set of nominees, award winners, and presenters.

Can someone tell me what's the idea behind "best dramatic presentation - longform"? It's the only category dominated by blockbusters, and I'm wondering whether that's by design.

It seems to be movie adaptations as opposed to shortform which are TV series adaptations.

I find it interesting that longform refers to film and short form are Tv series; I thought it would be the opposite.

A TV series is like a collection of short stories, where the episodes stand alone;aA film is like a novel.

Monstress is amazing! Couldn't recommend it enough.

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