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Lambda School (YC S17) Is Hiring a Lead Computer Science Instructor (Remote OK)
11 months ago | hide
Lambda School is a computer science education that's free until our students get a job (see https://lambdaschool.com). We find really sharp people all over the US, train them remotely to be software engineers for free, and take a portion of their income for a couple of years once they are hired. We aim to be a risk-free, world-class education that's accessible to anyone.

We go quite a bit deeper than code bootcamps, and we want to bring someone on that would enjoy teaching some of the lower-level topics (we currently use C++): lower-level data structures/algorithms, memory management, operating systems, etc. The full curriculum is here: https://github.com/LambdaSchool/LambdaCSA-Syllabus.

We're in the current S17 batch, have raised a bit, and should continue to be profitable; feel free to ask us how that's possible once we get to that point.

If you know someone that is a good engineer but would also love to teach and change lives, please reach out.

Email careers@lambdaschool.com with resumes/CVs.

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