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the goal is to not pollute the global namespace as we do today

What is the other option? The jQuery in "import jQuery.$" has to refer to something. Does he want to create a "module namespace" with special "module objects" not referenceable from normal variable scope? No thanks: that sounds like Java, not JavaScript.

the module/export/load are a part of an opt-in dialect of javascript when you specify "text/es-harmony" as the language

Why does Mozilla need to build dialects into their browser for something which can be done with a simple compiler? Between "create a little module syntax compiler which works in all browsers now" and "wait for all of the borwsers to implement the text/es-harmony dialect", I'd rather see the former.

Because the Mozilla developers are the same wise guys who think IndexedDB is superior to SQLite!

If they keep this up, web developers will eventually abandon Firefox. Firefox is starting to be the new IE6.

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