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"The legal and accounting bills for the divorce total four million dollars so far, which is an average of roughly $170,000 per month for the past 24 months."


The lawyers always win.

He is paying for both party's so she has no reason to skimp on legal fee's. But assuming a 50/50 split it works out to ~500$ / hour * 40 hours a week, for each of them. Which is probably just 1 full time layer + some part time help for each of them.

Serious question, does a divorce like that really require 2 years of full time work for each party?

If you think you can get hundreds of millions of dollars out of a divorce, of course you'll spend tens of millions of dollars of legal fees to get it.

Especially if some of those tens of millions of dollars essentially pay someone else to tell you you'll get hundreds of millions of dollars out of it.

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