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I want to present at SXSW. I couldn't tell you precisely why, I just think it's a great conference and I love to share knowledge. The free badge wouldn't hurt.

ROADBLOCK: honing in on a subject. I can only submit one proposal (which is due tomorrow), or, hope to get picked for someone else's panel. Here are potential panel ideas:

- Website Optimization Basics: I wrote a post a few months back that was popular on HN, about how I reduced page load time by 75% (http://www.kadavy.net/blog/posts/wordpress-optimization-drea...). I would boil down the technical jargon to simple language. It would be a dual presentation with the engineer that gave me most of the advice I used.

- Reverse-Engineering Visual Design: I would explain some of the classic principles and methods that designers use to make the decisions they do when designing for the web. I presented on this at BarCamp Chicago a couple of years ago (http://www.kadavy.net/blog/posts/design-for-the-coders-mind-...), so I have something to start with, but it still needs more juice.

- Everything You Already Know About SEO: the basics of SEO are stupidly simple, and widely known, but there are many misconceptions and unknowns. I would condense and explain all of the best practices and things that we do know about SEO, and how to use them to grow your business.

- How to Get a Date Online: I have an alter-ego through which I give online dating tips (http://onlinedatingmatchmaker.com). I would talk about how to best represent the interesting aspects about yourself, present communication techniques for opening with matches and securing dates, and present data from studies that suggest provocative things, such as why you should lie on your online dating profile (http://www.onlinedatingmatchmaker.com/lie-online-dating-prof...). I actually got a personal message from Hugh Forrest only minutes after submitting this presentation idea last year - about how much he liked the idea - but I guess it didn't make it through the selection process.

Another ROADBLOCK is my relative lack of speaking experience. I find it hard to get motivated about smaller speaking opportunities like BarCamp or Peca Kucha, so I'm not sure where to find mid-level speaking opps to hone my chops.

A BOTTLENECK is my relative lack of notoriety, or having a "thing." As you can see a variety of topics interest me, but I can't yet be thought of as "the four-hour workweek guy" or "the personal finance guy"

Any advice, or opinions on which panel I should propose, would be appreciated! Thanks - I love this thread!

I'd say talk about "Reverse-Engineering Visual Design". As a coder who understands some of the basic principles of design but just can't seem to make it click, that would be the most interesting for me.

Optimization and SEO are nice, but if you don't have a solid design they're not that useful.

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