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I typically use wikipedia for this purpose.

On a similar note: One thing I've found interesting about VISA lists and passport usefulness rankings is that it has no bearing on the experience you'll have coming into a country.

For example, the German passport is supposedly soooo much better than the US passport, but diving into it you see that a few countries have slightly different status designations for the two. Where the status designation for the German one being a slightly better one.

But when you get to the airport in those countries, the US passport has the easier route with the automated immigration. While the supposedly better passport with better status still busses you through the line with the hoard of the newly minted Chinese middle-class with the humans slowly evaluating everyone.

I think the country-specific nuances between status designations are hard to rank, if it is functionally similar in all capacities once you get in the country. And the experience/treatment getting into the country isn't listed at all.

Could you give some examples?

I traveled with a US fellow to several countries outside of respective regions (all Middle East except Iran and Syria), Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, North and West Africa - among others and I cannot remember our passports (mine is French) to be treated differently (when the visa or not visa conditions were the same of course).

What is this "automated immigration" you mention?

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