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8,810 is far, far more than 503. Many folks are saying that it is still far too low a number for the difference to matter. Bollocks! As long as we're trading rumours, an anonymous Microsoftie complained that the entire cost for Kin (including the Danger acquisition, R&D, marketing, and so forth) was a billion dollars.

$1,000,000,000 divided by 503 units is $1,988,071.57 per unit. Call it two million dollars.

$1,000,000,000 divided by 8,810 units is a mere $113,507.38. Call it a hundred grand.

From where I'm standing, losing two million dollars per unit is a lot more than losing a hundred grand per unit. Let's give Microsoft some credit for keeping losses at such a manageable level. Who knows, when the final numbers come out they might have managed to lose even less, maybe as little as fifty grand per unit!

How is losses per unit sold relevant to anything? Overall profits or losses are what matter. I don't know how much Microsoft made off each one, so I'll be generous and guess $400 average revenue after subsidy payments.

1,000,000,000 - ($400 x 503) = $999,798,800 lost

1,000,000,000 - ($400 x 8810) = $996,476,000 lost

The difference is negligible.


I'm pretty sure he was joking.


8,810 is the number of monthly active users, so I would venture to guess that they've sold much more.


Possibly. And possibly not. As others have pointed out, some of those 8,810 may be demo units in retail stores, units given to employees, and other freebies. Also, it may be that 503 was the number of units sold when the decision was taken to kill Kin. Who knows how many were sold since that moment?

The number of units sold may be higher or lower. It's all guesswork at this point.


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