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Ulysses Switches to Subscription (ulyssesapp.com)
6 points by tbassetto 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Really glad I never became attached to this app. I am already paying for more software/service subscriptions than I really want to and still have my copy of Adobe CS from before they switched to a subscription. I would have upgraded at least once or twice if I could keep using it without paying more, but since I almost never use it there is no reason for me to shell out that kind of money on a regular basis.

And the argument that software developers can't stay in business without subscriptions and huge price increases... yeah? So what? Until recently every software company on the planet has used an upgrade model and it works fine.

Got greedy? Ulysses is a polished app, yes, and it's rather expensive because of that, but it's just a Markdown editor. No way I'd lock myself in (even less with its underperforming export feature)

I will look for an alternative.

Now anyone can come up and fill this gap they just created.

I'm sick of everything being a recurring cost.

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