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I've seen Microsoft brag about how popular Silverlight is because of the number of downloads. I myself have downloaded the installer at least 10 times on various machines trying to get some demos working, and I've always had problems during installation. I wonder how many "users" Microsoft thinks I am, since I currently don't have a single working installation.

edit: In case it isn't clear, my point is that there's a lot of ways that number can be inaccurate and bloated. How many prototypes and test devices are there? How many demos?

A valid point about how they count Silverlight users, but this case is different because you won't have a single user "downloading" multiple instances of the phone hardware.

All my Linux computers count as happy Windows users because all of them were sold with Windows installed.

They obviously tweak their numbers to save face. They must do it at all levels and the fact this ill-conceived aberration actually made into production and hit the market must have involved some pretty heavy sugarcoating of actual numbers.

It's a charlie-foxtrot, no matter how you look at it.

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