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> Author is projecting. Replaced "me" with "people" in writing this. Considered himself smart; tried to wrap head around Bitcoin, but lacks math/cs/finance background, and or curiosity to dig below surface level hype... Doesn't 'get it'.

Yes, exactly my thoughts.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to understand HOW and WHY Bitcoin works without a baseline understanding of public-key cryptography, cryptographic hashing functions, key ideas of computational complexity, and algorithmic processes in distributed systems, particularly peer-to-peer networks.

In other words, to understand how and why Bitcoin works, one must first understand the key concepts underpinning Satoshi Nakamoto's groundbreaking paper: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf

The general public, lacking the necessary education and knowledge to understand these things, has no choice but to use Bitcoin based on faith and experience.

Note that the general public doesn't understand government-issued money either, but they happily use it every day based on faith and experience. The same thing is happening with Bitcoin.

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