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Show HN: ServiceBot – open-source platform adding sugar on top of Stripe (github.com)
17 points by bsears 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

The "Racist Meme" business example is pretty awful for multiple reasons. http://blog.servicebot.io/meme-as-a-service/

Looks like OP deleted the post. The Medium version is still up, as of now: https://medium.com/@ben_sears/how-i-built-meme-as-a-service-...

I took it down while I reworked the content - should be back up now

Care to elaborate?

The purpose of that post was just to show in a humorous way the features of ServiceBot - not to detail an actual business.

The "Racist Meme" is a joke in itself (I'm assuming that's your issue with it) - if someone is willing to pay $1,000 for 5 minutes of effort than they deserve to have their racist money taken.

Profiting on and propagating racist memes is a bad idea (even as a joke). Having this be an example project for your company shows extreme lack of judgement.

Generally I think its a good idea to stay out of race, politics, religion, etc in business. I could not list out the reasons the original commenter had but its just very generally poor taste.

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