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Response (awaiting moderation, I think it's the links?):


> haha, that’s funny. i regularly use non-CouchDB databases and I get along great with > all the people from other databases at conferences.

Oh, I tend to bite people when I find out they use another database . Maybe I should stop that?

> even if i did feel like we were competing, i wouldn’t care. this post really is about > reliability issues i don’t think your users are fully aware of and i honestly hope that > you fix.

You must be thrilled to learn that single server durability is coming. I look forward to a followup post extolling MongoDB’s virtues this fall.

> I responded earlier to the complexity of actually keeping something available that > depends on [multiple servers]. so i won’t cover it again.

Yes, it is a difficult, but not unsolvable, problem. Mongo’s made a bunch of tradeoffs in the awesome vs. easy to program area. For instance, remember last year when CouchDB was saying MongoDB sucked because of its lack of concurrency? That it was too complicated to do concurrency in C++ and that Erlang was the way? Well, now Mongo has concurrency, so on to the next “must have” thing.

>You make it sounds like this is all just a matter of bugs, it’s not, and i find blaming > it on users who don’t use JIRA or get on IRC a little distasteful.

People discuss everything from bugs to architecture to lunch on our various forums. I was trying to say, possibly badly, that we have a lot of ways for people with questions, problems, and suggestions to reach out.

Eliminating the methods I outlined, I’m not sure how people with suggestions could reach the developers, other than telepathy.

Also, the user you cite is far from typical. It sucks that some people don’t like Mongo, but there’s are a lot more out there from those who do: http://codeascraft.etsy.com/2010/07/03/mongodb-at-etsy-part-..., http://blog.eventbrite.com/guest-post-why-you-should-track-p..., http://blog.wordnik.com/what-has-technology-done-for-words-l..., http://www.engineyard.com/blog/2009/mongodb-a-light-in-the-d... and so on.

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