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so you knew sugar caused diabetes? ...yea

and you knew it caused obesity? ...yea

so you knew it was literally killing you? ...yea

and you kept eating it anyway? ......sigh......yea.

I agree that there is significant willing suspension of disbelief. However, there are two additional factors that make it difficult to completely pin the tail on the donkey that is the hapless consumer: 1) Sugar in unexpected ingredients (I still can't believe McDonalds hamburger buns have HFCS and I learnt this in 2010), and 2) Terminology and presentation games to ensure the consumer is less likely to read the ingredients list and nutrition facts.

EDIT: syntax. Also, forgot to mention food deserts and availability of fresh produce in various neighborhoods.

> 1) Sugar in unexpected ingredients (I still can't believe McDonalds hamburger buns have HFCS and I learnt this in 2010),

Sugar (often either table sugar or honey) is a traditional bread ingredient; HFCS isn't the form the average home baker would use, but sugar in bread should not be surprising to anyone.

That hasn't been my experience in all of the recipes I have made and for the loaves that I typically purchase (I am an ingredient list reader), but I concede that my knowledge in this matter is miniscule.

There's sugar in everything. It's pretty difficult to avoid unless you're willing to take drastic measures when compared to the average person.

All you can do is attempt to minimize your intake.

If you stay mostly in the produce aisle of your supermarket, you're 90% of the way to being added sugar free.

Which is admittedly different than completely sugar free, since that's entirely absurd.

But we've survived every generation except the last 4 without so much processed sugar, and we now have global supply lines handing us crops practically to our doorstep.

I've actually cut out all products with added sugar (and foods that are naturally high in sugar like fruits). You need to read labels but it is not so difficult. It still leaves a pretty great variety of meats, legumes, dairy, corn, rice, and vegetables.

yea i meant excessive sugar, and processed foods that have tons of it in them. not fruit etc... not that hard to avoid!

The issue isn't X, it is the quantity.

Eating a Twinkie won't kill you, eating an entire box every day for 20 years will.

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