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I read on another HN thread that the top 25% pays 90% of taxes. Made me grok why governments will never really care about the poor pretty clearly.

It's harsh, but for cities or even countries the bottom xx% is a net drain.

But the bottom 90% do the labor that earns that top 1% all the money.

But the top 1% provide the jobs. Unless the bottom 90% collectively strike, or you "nationalize" everything (that works really well /s), what ya gonna do about it?

Do they really "provide the jobs" the companies they own provide them. VERY few of those people are critical to the companies they own.

I agree, at least once the company is well established, but they do own them. If you nationalize them, or somehow make it so the company "serves the greater good", rather than the interests of it's owners, the results are disasterous. It's playing out in Venezuela now.

Until AI and robots start doing it, then you'll have to worry about the fate of the bottom

If we wait that long there will be rioting in the streets around the world. Better to consider things ahead of time

The top 25% would be broke if the bottom 75% couldn't afford their products and services

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