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Revenue from my first day running iAd (dropbox.com)
29 points by jzting on July 8, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments

This is from a utility app that was released today. I was quite surprised by the return, though I'm not sure if it will keep up. It seems that people may still be enjoying the novelty of iAds.

I'm not sure the novelty will wear off though. I played with the Nissan LEAF ad a few days ago, and it was genuinely an engaging and enjoyable experience, certainly more so than any other ad platform I've seen.

It seems Apple is calculating eCPM off of the impressions actually shown, not the number of requests made. Since the fill rate was only 34.9%, I'd argue the actual eCPM for this developer is $51.49, not the reported $147.55.

These are still impressive numbers. It's clearly 'get as much money as fast as you can while advertisers are still being irrational' time.

While I'm looking at these numbers - they're consistent with Apple's claims that they're charging advertisers a $10.00 CPM + $2.00 CPC and then giving 60% to the developer.

9,300 imps x 11.80% CTR = 1,097 clicks

9.3 mille x $10.00 CPM = $93 from CPM

1,097 clicks x $2.00 CPM = $2,194 from CPC

$2,194 + $93 = $2,287 gross from the advertiser

$2,287 x 60% = $1,372 to the developer (as reported)

If we assume that iAds clickthrough rates are because of their novelty, and that the CTR will decline to, say, 1% over time, that works out to an eCPM of $18.00 (assuming 100% fill rate) or $6.28 (assuming this developers' fill rate of 34.9%.) Still pretty good.

Thanks for clarifying calculations. Yet, would you please also include the calculation of eCPM of $18.00?

oops, my mistake. it was the same process.

Is this sustainable? As an advertiser, I probably wouldn't want to pay those rates to be included in an app people use while trying to find something that fell under their car seat at night.

Quite obviously the eCPM will go down as the novelty factor wears off.

impressive. Keep us up to date about the numbers of your LED Light app.

iAd has good eCPM, but there's no way that's sustainable.

wow, $150 CPM trumps the internet

$150 is just too much for being sustainable. Let's see where it finally settles.

Which flashlight app is yours?

Hello, could you describe what kind of utility app you made?

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