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Volunteers needed to teach web development in Oakland
68 points by BeccaScriptEd 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments
Hi HN! ScriptEd (www.scripted.org) is looking for volunteers to teach web development twice a week after school in Oakland this coming school year, to students attending under resourced high schools. This is a great way to give back, volunteer in your community, also it is a ton of fun. Volunteers teach as part of a four person team, with support from ScriptEd staff. Apply at bit.ly/ScriptEdSFBAYvolunteer .

I've been volunteering for three years and am signed up for this fall. Happy to answer questions.

edit: Links for the lazy https://bit.ly/ScriptEdSFBAYvolunteer & https://scripted.org

I volunteered with ScriptEd in NYC and now in the Bay Area. They are probably one of the most thoughtful, organized, and fun non-profits I've ever worked with. And most importantly the kids have gone on to do some amazing things!

I would love to volunteer but I work in the south bay so it would be very difficult for me to attend the after school sessions.

Is their any other way I can contribute or help out?

Hi! Send us an e-mail at info@scripted.org and we'll find a way.. and keep an eye out for us in the south bay..

Great program, happy to see it expand to Oakland!

Any ability for me to mentor remotely?

Not at the moment. Everything is done in person.

You can, however, contribute to the curriculum: https://github.com/ScriptEdcurriculum/curriculum2016

Where are you based? We also run programs on the east coast.

Beyond New York? I could see doing something like this, but live in Washington, DC.

Currently just NYC and the Bay Area. Please do sign up for our mailing list, and we can keep in touch.

ScriptEd is a great and effective way to do something good for your soul! I volunteer in NYC and it's great to see the students empowered with coding skills! This is great for Oakland

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