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Ask HN: Where are the most jobs in parallel computing?
5 points by ccdev on Aug 7, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
I have a non-traditional background, got a tenuous New media degree, self-taught in web development, with several years of work experience. Recently I moved into some freelance game development through some of my projects. I particularly enjoy coding pixel and vertex shaders. I find parallel computing intuitive for computer graphics.

I find this area of work very interesting and would like to follow it up possibly with a "leap of faith" into parallel computing work (keeping in mind my mostly self-taught background). Where should I begin looking for jobs in parallel computing? I don't know any people that are in these sorts of computing areas, so I'm trying to look for a good starting point on researching it.

you can take this course


John Owens is a good teacher. He helped me get started on CUDA.

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