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Video Wall on the Raspberry Pi: Configure it by taking a picture of your screens
24 points by dividuum 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
My Raspberry Pi digital signage service info-beamer hosted (https://info-beamer.com/hosted) has a new exciting feature. Usually when you create a video wall you have to manually specify screen sizes, relative positions. No more. I'm using AprilTags to make this all completely automated. You add the screens to your wall, tell them to display tags, snap a picture and everything is ready to play the content.

Screens don't even have to be planar: They can be freely rotated as long as they are still visible on the picture you take. Here's a short videos showing how this all works:


This is honestly very cool and amazing. Why didn't you add it to a Show HN? Nevertheless, very nice work!

The Show HN guidelines say something about not submitting a project if the visitors can't directly play around with it. As that package I'm showing isn't publicly available yet, I thought I might wait until I do a Show HN. I guess I'll resubmit once it's usable for anyone.

I have to say, that's really impressive.

Wow I like the idea; this could wel be elongated to very large scales! Nice work!

That's a damn nice implementation you have there.

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