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The site is ranked in the Alexa top 10,000 in the US - I'd wager that DanBlake knows what he's doing and probably has the site dialed in for his target audience & device already.

Did you check the claim yourself? Or did you just feel the need to brown-nose for no reason? Not sure, but if you take the time to check (takes less time than typing your comment, or searching the Alexa DB), you'll see the front page for the site is just shy of 7MB, so I'd agree with the comment that it could do with being optimised better for mobile.

"Alexa Traffic Rank" browser extension shows the ranking for every site you visit, checking is a course of habit. My point was simply that the site is pretty darned popular, and as OP said, it's a business. A comment like "The images are too high res for mobile. It loads too slow." sounds more like jealous nit picking than anything else

Well the site is nearly 7MB, so it isn't, maybe next time take the 5 seconds to open Developer Tools to check?

I wouldn't browse it on a mobile over cellular, 10 mins of browsing around the site could knock 100MB of my plan quite quickly.

And I'd have wagered that Blockbuster Video knew what it was doing in the late 1990s.

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