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I was forced when I was 17, to pick a private college, people didn't let me do what I wanted.

At same time, I was repeateadly promised by all 'adults' that I was very intelligent, and that getting into a college would ensure I would get a job, and it is why it was so important.

After lots of struggling I ended doing what people wanted, got in a college, and I had no way to pay for it, so I got into debt too. (and I hate debts, I used to never get into any debt at all).

Around time I graduated, the last crash happened, my country never really recovered from it...

I am 29 now, and I can't get unemployment benefits, because I was NEVER employed in first place, all work I list on my LinkedIn was by freelance-style contracts, I never found the promised jobs...

I did recently finished paying almost all my debts (I still have some, and my net worth is still negative).

But 'not borrowing money' wasn't really an option.

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