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Ask HN: Beside Bitcoin, what has offered a 1 000 000× ROI over 7 years?
15 points by mrb 6 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments
$1 invested in Bitcoin in April 2010 turned into $1 million. What else has offered a 1 000 000× ROI over 7 years?

No, tulip mania wasn't even close: 5,000× returns [1]. More successful investments are easy to find, eg. someone pointed out in another thread that the founders seed round of Uber generated 65,000× returns.

[1] The all-time record sale seems to have been about a bulb selling for 5,200 guilders ( http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2012/12/when-certain... ); and the pre-bubble price of tulip bulbs was about ~1 guilder each.

I guess u didn't buy in 2010

Timing is everything.

LinkedIn crashed at the end of 2015, but recovered in early 2016, dropping from around $250/share to $92 and rising up again to $190. If you took $10,000 and invested it and rode that wave... it is now $195. Would've been a 112% ROI with about $11k made.

I did take a risk on investing in another company with $10k recently and made $1000 in a day or two. There are websites out there that help you... its definitely risk taking with chances of losing a lot of money if you aren't quick enough, and while it's not technically insider trading... it's more similar to penny stocks, where timing is everything, and if you have at least a minimum of $10k to invest, and you ride the small waves.. you can make thousands of dollars doing that.

Money makes money and with time money can be made. I have a 401k that I can't touch because I no longer work at the job. I have spoken with financial advisers about touching it or not touching, and while some suggested I move it, the fact remains: My money got invested into some really good companies at early stages that are just not available with any other plans, either with my current company, or Roth IRAs, so leaving the money in there is just best. The last time I put money in there was at 4k. A decade later, it is nearing $12k. Might not sound like a lot to some people, but that is the power of money making money on itself. I haven't touched it because I can't put anything into it. Being as I'm still about 30-35 years away from retirement, I'm sure it will be just fine if I leave it.

Kind of like a Futurama deal... where Fry gets frozen for 1,000 years...

>>The account had contained 93 cents in 1999, but after accruing interest at 2.25% per year for 1,000 years, the balance is now $4.3 billion. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Fishful_of_Dollars )

The funny thing about that quote is that 4.3 billion would still probably have an adjusted value of about 0.93 cents, assuming inflation continued at the roughly 2-3% a year it has been in most western countries.

Looking at ROI(or any indicator alone) is possibly the worst way to spend your time, because it doesn't mean anything.

It's such a poor idea that you aren't even factoring the risks in. And can barely factor it, as it's bitcoin. What is the chance of this entirely thing breaking down tomorrow as people just give up believing on it? Big chance.

It's completely unusable. I can write a bash script which does more transactions than bitcoin on a calculator. The blockchain model it uses has no scale.

As soon as mining becomes more difficult and we hit close to 90% of the coins and use doesn't increase up(because usage didn't take off, like the prices), this is all worth 0.

Who has hit the jackpot is the one who sells before this ponzi scheme falls down and entered early enough.

1) Jackpot winning lottery numbers.

2) Possibly various patents.

This is more a matter of the sheer number of people who could become involved in Bitcoin in a short amount of time (i.e. an artifact of the modern era) than it is about Bitcoin per se.

1. Buying random art at garage sales and hoping they were painted by the famous deceased

2. Lottery tickets

3. Slipping at Wal-Mart and suing them for millions


Which skills? The returns in the cryptoeconomy were much higher than the returns that high skills give.

Skills in cryptocurrency investment.

I don't think anything in history has had as good an ROI as bitcoin in the same sort of timeframe.

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