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     cool, hip, 
I agree but cutting-edge software developers? Please they work for Microsoft and Google. People on this forum have a way of deluding themselves. 37signals et. al. aren't the Cutting edge software developer, people who create Flume-Java are.

This forum consists mostly of latte sipping, hip crowd, without any CS degrees and lack of knowledge of Maths.

Microsoft employs as well as attracts some of the best software devs to its platform. Also it makes stuff easy for them unlike Objective C.

While my degree was a dual major in mathematics and computer science, I'll give you that I do know how to pull my own shots of espresso.

Still, for the purposes of the article, I would think that Microsoft's employees would be the wrong place to look if one were trying to gauge how well they're resonating with up-and-coming developers, developers, developers, developers.

I like mine hot and black -- like the background on my text editor. No lattes for me. No sir.

And yes, the weight has been shifting to my hips because I sit in the cool air-conditioning all day.

And okay. You got me. I'll go read about Flume-Java.

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