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I have. Click on my name. If you are on the article it will take you home. If you are home, it will send me an email.

Maybe has some usability issues but it was a minimal and elegant solution to a problem.

I know this is silly but you might want to put your name way up top, like a regular site.

Considered, but I like the bottom-up approach, putting content dead first. First you read something and then if you like it look up the author etc... Seen it on couple of sites and immediately liked it.

Also, my name is in every page title.

You've thought this through, I like it. Keep it up!

Ait, cool. I'd remove the email link, or at least label it, drives people nuts when a hyperlink starts Outlook etc. The pages load really fast:-)

I've put title attributes on links ('Send me an email' and 'Go back to front page').

Minimalist trade-offs :)

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