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Nice to see HN keeping up with the times.

No redesigns in how long now?

The fonts on this site are hilariously small. Padding is tiny. All the feel of the 1990s, today!

Still good content, but come on -- do we not have a designer or artistic front-end who can help out?

I think the anti-modern layout has become too much of a cultural shibboleth at this point, people cherish any feature they feel will drive away casual users and preserve the intellectual purity of the community. PG once mentioned that he wasn't concerned with such trivial things, which makes updating the design difficult without sparking a minor revolt among the userbase, especially if such an update causes the site to look or feel more like Reddit, which it likely would.

Plus, bear in mind that HN doesn't separate its logic from layout in templates, unless it deviates wildly from the original Arc forum code, so redesigning the layout around, say, lists as opposed to tables may be more complicated than it would be on another site.

But on the plus side, since i've been here at least, the expired links bug has been fixed, shadowbanning is community-reversible, Show HN is a thing, users can hide and favorite threads, and there's thread folding. Those are all definite improvements to the user experience.

I agree with you that the text could be more readable - a site meant for intellectual and technical discussion should be encouraging long-form comments, not discouraging it (as it does by fading the text for non-link post) but it does seem that the staff have been improving what they can, when they can get around to it.

I'd like to see a site that has the best content in the industry actually look like a site that has the best content in the industry.

IDK, doesn't really bother me anymore, not since some pretty good Chrome extensions came out, e.g. Georgify, which makes HN 1000% easier to read. + I built my own minimal front end to HN with just the info I'm interested in ( https://news.adriel.co.nz/ )

This site design is what correct looks like.

From a usability perspective, this isn't even close to being true.

text with links.

loads fast.

no autoplay videos

no scroll jack

no social sharing buttons

no tracking scum

no page moving when you are about to click on something because some more bullshit just loaded.

usable in lynx and links across ssh.

so tell me, what is bad about it?

Font size... tiny. Set to wrap at like 900 px.

You can have fast loading and everything else and not have out-dated / bad design.

All you're doing is listing bad things, but there's literally no attempt to make the site readable or clickable. Most fonts are size 9 at the moment; you can't defend this given phones and modern screens.

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