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Related - but only to the blocking:

A friend of mine who works with one of the really expensive consulting companies witnessed someone lashing out on twitter about how bad such and such people where.

So he answered along the lines of: I grew up in such and such home, my experience is totally different and I'll be happy to buy you lunch.

Answer: blocked.

Blocking is a power thing for some people. IIRC it used to be a thing in the old Usenet and of course it existed before that in other forms.

Blocking has improved my Twitter presence, but I limit blocking to annoying people. I wish I could do that in real life too.

I do that (blocking people) as an energy-saving device. Reading messages from people with a completely different worldview than mine (e.g., communists) is extremely annoying. It raises my blood pressure. So, I block them and become happier as a result.

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