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BBC posted a followup...

1. Kidspass spokeswoman said that it was their off-hours crew that blocked Alex and Troy. They were unblocked 10 hours later.

2. They will institute a vulnerability policy as a result of this.


Ah yes, the unverifiable temp-worker / contractor / person-who-no-longer-works-here scapegoat that skirts the company from any responsibility. It's always amazing how they would have you believe that the bad actor is never a real employee.

A scaptern! An intern who can be scapegoated. "Oh it wasn't us, it was this intern"

Usually happens when a politician or business leader sends a racist/pornographic message.

> off-hours crew

That's a funny way to spell "employee".

"We admittedly hire substandard employees in order to call our SOC '24/7' and they have embarrassed us. We're sending them to SANS training to remedy the situation."

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