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What i love about these things is i have to think about back then

What phone was i using?

When did i last buy a roll of film?

First amazon order and what was it?

First online order?

When did i get rid of landline?

When did i stop using aol? When did i get gmail?

Pretty sure it was an Ericsson W880i. The last non-touchscreen phone I owned... I miss that phone sometimes.

Roll of film? What's that again?

I think I still haven't ordered anything off Amazon, hadn't bought much online at all back then.

I've never had a landline in my own name (that we actually used, had a couple that came with an ADSL bundle when naked ADSL wasn't cheaper).

What's AOL? Got Gmail in '04 I think, late in the 'invite only' phase before they got evil.

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