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Sounds like people talking about Uber today. "No way in hell is Uber worth xxx billion. An Absolute joke. Uber is losing xxx million dollars every quarter. Who in their right mind thinks that they will all of a sudden make a profit off Uber by spending that much money?"

I mean this tells me that engineers (assuming on average there are more technical readers on hacker news) don't know anything about products and their values. Or it's just that people aren't capable of thinking long-term.

Or maybe different things are different, and pointing at facebooks unlikely story to make a case for ubers long-term chances or broad claims about what engineers do or dont know is just as lazy as shunning uber without substantial insight into the field.

The accountants do and Uber's balance sheet makes them wonder if they will be as powerful in 10 years as yahoo is now.

Err, except Uber is actually in big trouble...

Do you think that trouble will last the next ten years?

I don't think it'll need to

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