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Openmailbox “upgrade”: outages, broken app, paywalled or removed features
6 points by phoe-krk on Aug 5, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Openmailbox, a privacy-oriented email provider popular in the Linux community, decided to make changes that, in my feeling, are simply cheating.

For the past two days, their service was unavailable altogether. Even right now, their servers respond with HTTP 502 once in a while.

They offered free email aliases, which now are completely gone from the UI and stopped delivering mail to the respective accounts.

Previously, they had free IMAP access (for Thunderbird et al), which now was paywalled and costs €4.99 a month.

Their web application is currently broken and makes it impossible to send emails.

All of this comes with zero ahead-of-time communication to any of their users, who now need to rely on third-party tools to get backups of their emails.


What are the alternatives?

Don't forget the contact page that fails to deliver support e-mails and the fake testimonial text. Dropping IMAP support on me like that without even a prior notice and a chance to migrate is not something you do to users. A clear "f* you" to Openmailbox from me: Thanks for nothing.

Very frustrating. If you need a way to save a local copy of your emails without IMAP, you can use this tool: https://github.com/appleorange1/openmailbox_downloader

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