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Look at the byline: Ashlee Vance. It should matter that the masthead is NYT, but the byline matters much more. Ashlee has a rep for this kind of stuff, across numerous mastheads.

(Sorry to "play the person, not the ball", but it's the writer's behaviour that is the crux of Tim's complaint, and knowing the byline is an important part of how we comprehend acts of journalism.)

They hired him from The Register, home of shock and troll journalism, so I don't know what they were expecting.

I don't find these comments entirely fair. Sure, the Register brings a tabloid voice to tech journalism. So do lots of media outlets and blogs.

Can you guys point to past journalistic errors or malfeasance on Vance's part (misquoting or otherwise)? Genuinely curious: Does he actually have a history?

I seem to recall I've read articles by him in the Economist that were insightful in the past year or two, presumably written to (or edited to) the voice of the paper. That said, I don't closely follow Vance's work.

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