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It's about time for a digital work permit for remote workers (levels.io)
1 point by zabana on Aug 4, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment

I don't think this is true (partially). I am not a lawyer, but my lawyer told me (EU citizen) that I'm free to work from basically anywhere where I can have income - tourist visa forbids me from being employed in a local company, not from working for a company based in a country where I can legally work, that's a different law.

The situation is of course different with taxes, where your "tax residence" (as we call it in Europe) lies in the country that can be objectively called your home/base (based on dozens of criteria), sometimes regardless of where you actually work. However it can be perfectly legal to pay your (income) taxes in a country where you can't legally work because these are two different things, and not paying the taxes would be illegal.

I can't be employed in a USA company (even remotely) because I don't have work visa, but I can have US clients and travel to the US (even for business - see B1 visa). I can't work from there not because the visa forbids it, but because that would mean I'm generating income on US soil, which I'm forbidden by a different law.

This situation is very different in Europe and Asia, the United States are well known for their draconic tax laws.

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