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I tried to send a zipped archive of some code on Google the other week (old project), it rejected it, so I zipped it again with a password, it still rejected it.

In the end I had to throw it up on the web with a strong password.

Not sure if they the prior attempt unpassworded set a flat for the subsequent attempt but Google though is almost superhuman when it comes to blocking malicious stuff I do wonder what the false positive rate is like.

It's a shit workaround but I have been adding the extension .txt onto the end then telling them to remove that

Perhaps because ZIP password do not encrypt header (file list?)

Format like 7z works well for this purpose as it has an option to encrypt header info.

You can also just rename a x.zip to x.piz (or any nonsense extension) and most services won't try to parse it as a zip.

I usually upload to Stack and send a link to the file there.

Does that really work? I thought files on slack where only visible to the team members.

Not Slack, Stack. It's a Dutch cloud storage platform by TransIP, one of the bigger hosting providers. 1TB for free.

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