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> avoid it at all cost. Energy, time, attention, focus = the most valuable resources out there.

"Attention is scarce. Information is not. Do the math." That being said, I've found valuable book recommendations here on HN and other select boards. I've found that switching from short-form reading, videos and podcasts to longer form reading not only leaves me feeling happier, but is also far superior for quality of information taken in.

TL;DR - stop wasting your time with "daily content discovery" and instead focus on gaining a deeper, richer understanding of the world through reading well written books.

I disagree. There are two types of content consumption/creation in the modern age. There is "flow" and "stores". Flow of content creation/consumption is seen in Twitter feeds or quickly updated blogs. This content isn't meant to last a long time, but corrects and updates minor facts about the world. In other words, it is good to allow quick Bayesian updating of your worldview.

The other type, "storage" of content through creation/consumption is through books, static webpages, or other historical sets of information. This is important because instead of updating former beliefs to be more true, it tends to open up vistas of information.

You can't function without either. As in all things, moderation is the key. Moderation is easiest if you set limits. For example, never set a "flow rate" thats higher than your consumption rate. So, if you use Twitter, make sure that you aren't following 1000 people. Be very careful. If you use an RSS reader, make sure that your feeds update at a reasonable rate (I give myself ~30 minutes in the morning to read them).

The same with books! Don't get sucked into the cult-of-reading. It is a cult, and reading "books" isn't actually useful unless you have a structured or semi-structured reading plan.

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