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For buisness file sharing it has been solved dozens of times. The problem is that the solution tends to turn file sharing into a managment problem. You end up with file structures, naming conventions, permissions. Yuck! It is vital to have a way of sharing large files that just requires a social interaction between two people and always just works.

Entreprise ans consumer solutions are necessarily different because of the legal environment. You don't want random employees sending arbitrary files to each other with no auditing, security, organization, etc.

I get where you are coming from. But a lot of employees have the authority to decide this kind of thing for themselves. Making them subject to technical restrictions can make it harder to make progress on projects. It's like telling people not to give each other pieces of paper or talk outside of official channels. That might make sense at Nasa mission control (for example), but it does not where I work.

BTSync and SyncThing are also in this space. They do work, and BTSync is even somewhat usable by less-technical people.

Although you do have to make sure you upgrade all your SyncThing clients in lockstep - which is a faff when you've got a mix of OSs to deal with - otherwise you'll get protocol mismatches and nothing works right.

Thanks thats useful to know. I am using it in a fairly restrictive corporate environment where the Github download links are blocked. Makes updating a difficulty.

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