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YES, this is what I was hoping send was, another implementation of webrtc p2p file sharing.

Unfortunately it is not.

My only issue with filepizza is, I wanted to host one internally, but it has a hard dependency on a hardcoded list of torrent trackers. (I have a DENY ALL firewall rule at the border which can't be touched) :(

FilePizza creator here! I hear you—the dependency on the broadcast servers has been giving me issues. I'm planning on going back to a home-grown file transfer method over simple WebRTC, rather than using WebTorrent. Hopefully will get a fix out in the next couple days.

There are other things with a similar concept. The core JS behind this is a couple hundred lines at the worst.

ideas on where to look?

I really prefer p2p if available, and on my LAN it doesn't have to traverse NAT or anything.



Or just start poking through their code and WebRTC docs/libs to see what you can build yourself.

Check out Dat: https://datproject.org/install.

We do NAT traversal but also connect to local peers over multicast DNS. Command line client should have a local or offline option to restrict only to local peers soon.

Where's the code?

http://github.com/datproject. It is pretty modular so if you need help finding something hop in our chat: http://chat.datproject.org.



Do you know where the source is?

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