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How is Mozilla going to keep this viable? Since they're using S3, it likely costs them roughly $.08/GB moved between users in bandwidth costs plus whatever fraction of a month the file is left there of the $.025 GB/month storage costs.

Personally, I don't think that they'll keep it. It is specifically in the Test Pilot program which is for trying out and seeing the response for things, even if they are not necessarily realistically going to be put into the browser.

But if there were no plans to expand it if successful, what would be the point of the experiment in the first place?

Perhaps to asses its value to users, before building the production version? S3 is a quick and simple solution.

I would expect they move to some other provider if they keep this running, considering AWS is among the most expensive solutions in terms of bandwith costs.

the file is deleted after one download or 24h, which limits the damage. Of course it's also open source so you can host your own- which I think quite a number of people will do.

Perhaps NSA is paying for it?

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