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From the repo, it appears that it depends on S3.

It would be nice to be able to self-host this on a small home server for friends and family. That way, even if they shut down their server, you could still share files with your friends.

The code's on github, so you could definitely just stand up your own copy: https://github.com/mozilla/send

You could run S3-compatible systems such as Minio or Ceph.

Every Synology NAS has sharing features built-in, and the software is pretty nice on both web and mobile.

What is wrong with having an http file host on your local pc? Anyone can browse an http address, and you can get a subdomain for free. Get a free https cert from letsencrypt and possibly put http user accounts / passwords on it to restrict access.

They have these Test Pilot things specifically to gather feedback, so the best place to have this heard, is by putting it into the feedback-form.

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