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I find HTTP generally much more reliable. Normally I use woof (just run "woof <file>" to start an HTTP server serving that file), but I'd like to find something better, since it doesn't handle multiple connections well.

woof also supports uploads (shows a basic uploading page), which is nice when you want to transfer to a server.

http://www.home.unix-ag.org/simon/woof.html (but it's packaged in Debian)

I do this all the time too. I use Twisted wherever twistd is installed by default:

  twistd -n web -p 8000 --path ./path/
I've also used the npm package http-server when node is more convenient:

  npm install -g http-server && http-server -p 8000 ./path/

  python -m http.server

Thanks for the suggestions!

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