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They need to make the url human memorable. Something like /files/what/a/nice/day. This seems to be aimed more for sending over emails.

Nobody (for most values of "nobody") communicates downloads urls over the phone. So, yes, this is for sharing over emails, chat, etc.

The url is not memorable on purpose: it's a uuid so people can't just guess it and access other's file.

It need not be communicated over the phone. Say you want to move a file from desktop to your mobile. Or transfer quickly from your iOS phone to your friends Android one. This will help in those cases but is limited by the randomly generated url which you will have to pain stackingly type. I don't see how a sufficiently long randomly generated string with memorable words (/jack/never/securely/farted/sky/fall/what/ever) is less secure than randomly generated token like this.

Why will you have to type the URL? You just send the URL to the person over any communication medium. For your own devices, you even have apps that provide shared clipboard so you just copy on first device and paste on another.

Not OP, but I've occaisionally found that it's very hard to send messages between my own machines, because most platforms are based on users - not machines.

I can message my wife from my phone to her phone, but I can't message myself from my phone to my PC. At least, with most messaging programs.

One of the advantages of telegram: it's trivial to message yourself. Really handy for sharing links or just as a notepad

I believe the link needs to contain the decryption key.

Which can be encoded as a string of words from a wordlist instead of a hex encoding.

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